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Mar, 2016

Rules and Bylaws Updated

The Executive Board met and made a few updates to rules and bylaws for the 2016 season. The changes are outlined below. You can also read the documents on our website...TCFA Rule Modifications and TCFA Bylaws.

Bylaw Updates
4.2 e) Players that are playing on a team classified as B or above (select, competitive, tournament) during the TCFA season are not eligible to participate on a TCFA team in league play.

4.3 c) Teams classified as B or above (select, competitive, tournament) will not allowed to participate in TCFA league play. In addition, teams will not be allowed to participate in TCFA league play if the team holds tryouts, holds organized REQUIRED practices outside of the authorized TCFA Spring and/or Summer seasons, require a player contract to be signed or charge any type of contract fee.

If a player or team is found to have broken either of these bylaws, they will be dropped from the TCFA league and will not receive a refund of the registration fees

Rule Updates
ALL Defensive players at the 1st base, 3rd base and pitching positions must wear a field mask.

8U - Runs per inning have been changed to 3 runs or 3 outs
Coaches must pitch from within the pitching circle.

10U - Please read the following carefully as the entire format for 10U has changed.
Runs per inning have been changed to 3 runs or 3 out for the first 3 innings. All other innings are open.
Coaches must pitch from within the pitching circle.

There is a “three walk” rule. Each inning will start with a player pitcher using normal pitching rules with batters walking if the pitcher throws 4 balls before the batter hits the ball or is struck out.  If the pitcher walks 3 batters in the inning, the inning reverts to a “no-walk” rule.  If a pitcher throws four called balls to another batter in that inning and the batter does not strike out or hit the ball, the pitcher steps to the side of the pitcher’s rubber within the pitching circle and assumes a defensive position. The coach from the batter’s team then comes out to pitch from the pitching circle as many pitches as there are strikes left in the hitters count, unless the batter strikes out or gets a hit.
Batter has no strikes, the coach gets a maximum of three pitches
Batter has one strike, the coach gets a maximum of two pitches
Batter has two strikes, the coach pitches a maximum of one pitch

The batter retains her strike count from the original pitcher and strikes are still called by the umpire while the coach is pitching. If after the additional pitches from the coach, the batter has not reached base by hitting the ball, being hit by a pitched ball or has not struck out swinging, she returns to the bench and her turn at bat is scored an out. The coach will continue to pitch to the batter after the maximum number of pitches have been pitched only IF the batter fouls off the last pitch.

This is not a new rule but needs to be mentioned - bunting is allowed at 10U except when a coach is pitching.

12U - Runs per inning will be 4 or 3 outs

14U - No changes

Please take time to read the entire TCFA Rule Modifications and Bylaws for further information.

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